Neurobionics Lab

The Neurobionics Lab seeks to advance human mobility through an improved understanding of how the nervous system controls the body during dynamic tasks, such as locomotion.  We use the lens of system dynamics, identification, and control to explain how biomechanical properties are regulated and changed by neurological disease. Merging the worlds of robotics and neuroscience, we are able to develop novel technologies that we hope will have a profound impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Latest publications

Shepherd, M. K., Gunz, D., Clites, T., Lecomte, C., & Rouse, E. J. (2022). Designing Custom Mechanics in Running-Specific Prosthetic Feet via Shape Optimization. IEEE Transaction on Biomedical Engineering,

Medrano, R. L., Thomas, G. C., & Rouse, E. J. (2022). Can humans perceive the metabolic benefit provided by augmentative exoskeletons?. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation19(1), 1-13.

Azocar, A. F., & Rouse, E. J. (2022). Characterization of Open-loop Impedance Control and Efficiency in Wearable Robots. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters7(2), 4313-4320.